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Other Important Information


Schedules - JEA will provide all families with our competition schedule by September. While we make every effort to provide you with an accurate schedule, there are times when we need to revise the schedule due to unforeseen circumstances or because it is in the best interest of one or all of our teams scheduled to attend an event. This may mean that we will add or remove a competition or change the location of a competition. Sometimes this is outside of JEA's control but at other times it is by choice. We appreciate you remaining flexible throughout the season. We will advise you of any changes as soon as possible.

Competition Travel/Hotel - During the course of competition season it will be necessary to travel outside of the local area for national competitions. Hotel fees will be the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. Our Travel Coordinator, Mary Jo Kley, will coordinate blocks of hotel rooms for out of town competitions, but we will not reserve them for you. This is done as a courtesy to our JEA families. It is a requirement that you stay in the designated hotel that we have reserved in order to avoid any penalties associated with not filling up the room block. Each family is responsible for making their own hotel reservations, travel arrangements and getting to all competition destinations on time. It is imperative that you reserve your hotel room(s) by the designated date given to you. When choosing a hotel, price is not the only factor. We realize that often there are "cheaper" hotels available. However, the decision where to stay encompasses many factors including: availability of large room blocks, safety of the surrounding area, distance to and from the competition arena/convention center, cleanliness, dining availability, accommodations, and by reviewing the fine print (cancellation policy/who's responsible for unused room in our block, etc). All cheerleaders must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/chaperone.


Uniforms - Each cheerleader is required to have a competition uniform. The uniforms include a top, skirt, briefs. Uniform fittings are held in September. 

Uniform Accessories - There are items that are needed in addition to the uniform itself which includes sneakers, socks, bow, make-up, warm-up suit and bag. There are other items available for purchase for both cheerleaders and parents, however they are not mandatory.

Dress Code - Each practice day has a designated practice outfit. Having a consistent look helps to keep the cheerleaders practicing and acting like a team and it helps the coaches quickly and easily spot mistakes made in the routine. 

Absolute NO jewelry. Wearing jewelry could result in serious injury to your child or another child. Jewelry must be removed for competitions as this result in a point deduction by the judges. 

Fingernails must be kept short and clean. Absolutely no nail polish or gel color at competition.


We recognize that competitive cheerleading is not a cheap sport! There are a lot of costs incurred when attending competitions. To that end we run various fundraisers during the year to help you offset associated costs. Some fundraisers are gym-wide and others are specific to team members. The amount of money you raise depends on your willingness to participate in this program. Information for fundraisers are handed out at practices so if you have not received your information packets please check with your child or ask at the office. Please understand that it is NOT mandatory for you to participate in any of the fundraisers offered. But, we have no way of knowing if you want to or not so that is why the time sensitive information goes home with all the team members. 

Our booster club, Elite Star Gazers, is repsonsible for some of these fundraisers. Their biggest fundraiser is the annual end of year dinner and gift auction. Proceeds from this event goes to our scholarship program for graduating seniors. The balance of the money is used during the year to help offset some teams costs, parties, etc.


We love our volunteer Team Parents! They help to assist our coaches and/or the office staff with communication and organization of the teams. They should be hightly praised for the dedication to the job and treated with courtesy and consideration for their efforts. A list of Team Parents is on the web site under "Contact Us". The Team Parents are equipped with a team "emergency" bag that contains hairspray, bobby pins, a first aid kit, hair ties, etc. available to our families. If you find that you come to a competition and are missing or are in need of any items, please check with our Team Parent!


Summer camp gives the team members an opportunity to improve their techniques, skills and abilities. It gives our athelets a chance to get to know their fellow team members. it also provices us with a complete choreography for the new season and cannot be missed. Please schedule your vations plant around camp. Attendance at camp is mandatory and all athletees are required to pay the full camp fee. Team members joining after camp dates are still requuired to pay their portion of choreography and music fee.